Biden administration officials are in preliminary “conversations” about options for stabilizing post-war Gaza, including a proposal for the Pentagon to help fund either a multinational force or a Palestinian peacekeeping team.

Israel’s Genocide War in Gaza Continues


  • 32,552 + killed* and at least 74,980 wounded in the Gaza Strip.
  • 450+ Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.**
  • Israel revises its estimated October 7 death toll down from 1,400 to 1,139.
  • 597 Israeli soldiers have been killed since October 7, and at least 3,221 injured.***

*Gaza’s Ministry of Health confirmed this figure on its Telegram channel. Some rights groups estimate the death toll to be much higher when accounting for those presumed dead.

** The death toll in the West Bank and Jerusalem is not updated regularly. According to the PA’s Ministry of Health on March 17, this is the latest figure.

*** This figure is released by the Israeli military, showing the soldiers whose names “were allowed to be published.”

Key Developments 

  • 62 Palestinians killed and 91 wounded in 6 massacres committed by Israeli forces across the Gaza Strip, says Palestinian health ministry.
  • Israeli army announced in a statement that it has killed 200 Palestinians in al-Shifa hospital and its vicinity since its second raid on the hospital 11 days ago.
  • UNICEF: Israel directly targeted 212 schools in the Gaza Strip since October 7, including 53 completely destroyed.
  • Israeli state media says Israel is preparing for the invasion of Rafah, as Netanyahu reschedules Israeli delegation visit to Washington to discuss the Rafah operation.
  • Lebanon: Israeli strikes kill nine Lebanese in Naqoura and Teirhaifa in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah announces its fighters attacked an Israeli military position and two Israeli settlements across the border.
  • A Palestinian child was pronounced dead by starvation in the Kamal Odwan hospital in the southern Gaza Strip, raising the number of children dead due to starvation in the Gaza Strip to 30.
  • West Bank: Three Israeli settlers were wounded in a shooting attack in the Jordan Valley. Israeli forces close entrances to Jericho and the Allenby bridge crossing to Jordan, the only border crossing available for West Bank Palestinians.
  • West Bank:  a 19-year-old Palestinian in Jenin died of wounds caused by an Israeli airstrike on the Jenin refugee camp earlier on Wednesday. Israeli forces also raided Hebron, Nablus, and the suburban areas of eastern Jerusalem, arresting 25 Palestinians overnight. The number of Palestinians arrested since October 7 has reached 7,845. 
  • Israeli soldiers have been posting photos and videos of themselves toying with underwear found in Palestinian homes, creating a dissonant visual record of the war in Gaza as a looming famine intensifies world scrutiny of Israel’s offensive. Estelle Shirbon joins the Reuters World News podcast with details about the investigation. 
  • Ireland said it would intervene in South Africa’s genocide case against Israel, in the strongest signal to date of Dublin’s concern about Israeli operations in Gazasince Oct. 7.

Bottom Line Up Front:
* The spillage of the Middle East conflict into France has led to a noticeable surge in antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents, as well as threats of terrorist activities, particularly concerning the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.
* In the past week alone, reportedly, around 50 schools received menacing messages on their digital communication platform announcing an upcoming terrorist attack at their schools from an alleged Islamic State member.
* A spike in antisemitic incidents has prompted widespread concern, with a majority of French citizens viewing these acts not just as a threat to individuals of the Jewish faith but also to society as a whole.
* France’s Republican values, notably laïcité, have made educational establishments and teachers a prime target for terrorists.

  • Alan Dershowitz: ‘Israel is no longer a bipartisan issue’
Renowned US attorney and Harvard professor emeritus speaks on American-Israeli ties during war against Hamas in Gaza, saying terrorist organization seems to think it is winning

Renowned U.S. attorney and Harvard Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz told i24NEWS on Tuesday, speaking on the state of relations between Israel and the United States during the war against Hamas in Gaza.“Situation with the United States is actually much worse than it’s been projected on Israeli TV and others,” Dershowitz began. “For the first time since 1948, Israel is no longer a bipartisan issue.”

In a week, Israeli army executes 13 children in and near Al-Shifa Hospital

In blatant violation of international law, particularly international humanitarian law, the Israeli army has executed 13 children by direct shooting in Al-Shifa Medical Complex and its Gaza City environs. This is a war crime and a crime against humanity, and is part of the genocide that the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip having been experiencing for the past six months.

For over a week now, the Israeli army has been conducting systematic and horrifying military operations inside and around Al-Shifa Medical Complex. These crimes include extrajudicial executions and deliberate killings of Palestinian civilians. The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor field team has received identical testimonies about the killings and executions of Palestinian children between the ages of four and 16.

Some of the fatal shootings occurred during an Israeli army siege while the victims’ families were inside their homes; others occurred when the victims attempted to escape via routes that the Israeli army had designated as “safe”  after forcibly evacuating them from their homes and places of residence.

‘Enough is Enough’: Ireland Joins ICJ Genocide Case Against Israel”

“What we saw on October 7 in Israel, and what we are seeing in Gaza now, represents the blatant violation of international humanitarian law on a mass scale,” said one top Irish official.Citing Israel’s “blatant” human rights violations in Gaza, Ireland’s second-highest-ranking official said Wednesday that the country will join the South Africa-led genocide case before the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

The Birth of a Second Palestinian Refugee Problem

A refugee problem is at the center of the current negotiations between Israel and Hamas. The issue is whether Israel will allow Palestinians to return to the northern Gaza Strip, from which they were expelled at the beginning of the war, or whether they will be permanently displaced from there, leaving the area under Israeli control. 

The subject also relates to another current public controversy in Israel – whether to return northern Gaza to the Palestinians in exchange for the Israeli hostages being held in the Strip, as Israel’s centrist parties are demanding, or whether the hostages should be given up on and the territory kept so that Jewish communities can be built there, as the right wants.

The main strategic move that Israel has taken in the war that erupted on October 7 was the expulsion of residents of the northern Strip and the destruction of homes and infrastructure there. It’s not clear whether Hamas’ leader in the Strip, Yahya Sinwar, anticipated that this was how Israel would react to the Hamas massacre in Israeli communities near the Gaza border or whether he was surprised by the intensity of the response and the ease with which Israel emptied the northern Strip of a considerable majority of its Palestinian residents – leaving those who remain risking hunger and death

“Indeed, it appears that the minimalist objective of Israel’s rampage of destruction of everything necessary to sustain life is to empty the northern half of the Gaza Strip of Palestinians and to keep this land (whether formally annexed or not) and the gas field off its coast while leaving the emptying of the southern half of the Strip of Palestinians for another day.”

Israel’s air force yesterday continued to strike Gaza while Hamas fighters sustained attacks against Israeli soldiers, a further indication that this week’s U.N. ceasefire resolution has failed to persuade either side to halt the fighting. Over the two days since the resolution passed on Monday, Hamas’s military wing has said it is continuing to carry out attacks against Israeli soldiers. Meanwhile, the Israeli military yesterday said that warplanes had hit dozens of targets over the previous day, including tunnels, military compounds, and militants. Yesterday, three Palestinian human rights groups said there had been an intensification of Israeli bombardments of Rafah over the previous 72 hours, killing dozens. Adam Rasgon reports for the New York Times.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is planning to send two top Israeli officials to Washington as early as next week for talks about a possible military offensive in Rafah, four U.S. and Israeli officials told Axios. It is a sharp reversal by Netanyahu, who on Monday canceled the same delegation in protest over the United States not vetoing the U.N. ceasefire resolution. Netanyahu yesterday met with Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) in Jerusalem, and in a statement after the meeting, gave a new reason for canceling the Washington trip: “My decision not to send the delegation to Washington in the wake of that resolution was a message to Hamas: Don’t bet on this pressure, it’s not going to work. I hope they got the message,” he said. 

Netanyahu told a group of U.S. Congress members that “victory” in Gaza and “getting” Hamas leadership in the territory are just “a few weeks away.” Speaking yesterday to the bipartisan Congressional group, Netanyahu said, “We’ve killed many senior leaders [of Hamas], including number four in Hamas, number three in Hamas. We’ll get number two and number one. That’s victory. Victory is within reach. It’s a few weeks away.” He added that Israel’s “very existence is on the line” and his country “had no choice” but to move into Rafah. Netanyahu had earlier told the delegation that displaced Palestinians in Gaza could “just move” out of Rafah “with their tents.” “There’s all of the Gaza Strip north of Rafah … People move down, they can move up,” he said. Benjamin Brown and Eugenia Yosef report for CNN.


Ireland will intervene in the case against Israel under the Genocide Convention at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Ireland’s Tánaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Micheál Martin, yesterday announced that he had directed officials to begin work on a Declaration of Intervention under Article 63 of the ICJ statute. “The situation could not be more stark; half the population of Gaza face imminent famine and 100% of the population face acute food insecurity. Ireland will be intervening …  What we are seeing in Gaza now, represents the blatant violation of international humanitarian law on a mass scale. It has to stop,” Martin said. Ireland will not be asserting if genocide is being committed, but asserting its interpretation of the Genocide Convention. Aoife Moore reports for BBC News.


Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah fired dozens of rockets into northern Israel yesterday in a barrage that it said was retaliation for a deadly Israeli strike in southern Lebanon. The Israeli military yesterday said it had carried out an overnight strike targeting a “significant terrorist operative” and others who were with him near al-Habbariyeh in southern Lebanon. Lebanon’s health ministry said the strike hit an emergency medical center, killing seven paramedics. Hezbollah fired rockets in northern Israel in response, killing at least one person, according to Israel’s nonprofit emergency medical service. Later yesterday, the Israeli military said its fighter jets struck Hezbollah compounds in two areas of southern Lebanon. It was not clear whether there were any casualties. Cassandra Vinograd and Hwaida Saad report for the New York Times.

IDF Orders 40,000 Evacuation Tents in Preparation for Rafah Operation

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are moving forward with isolation and evacuation preparations in Rafah, Gaza’s last Hamas stronghold, despite international opposition to a ground operation. With the aim of targeting the remaining Hamas battalions, Israel plans to relocate over a million Gazans, ordering 40,000 tents for evacuees. This operation, stressed for its necessity by Jerusalem, faces U.S. pressure for alternative strategies.

Hamas Issues Rare Audio Message from Military Leader Mohammed Deif

Hamas released a rare audio recording of Mohammed Deif, their military wing’s commander, calling for Muslims worldwide to join the fight for Al-Aqsa Mosque’s liberation. The recording, purportedly from around the time of the October 7 attacks, encourages action across national borders for jihad. Following these events, Israeli forces targeted Deif’s familial home, intensifying efforts to locate him, including offering rewards for information leading to his capture.

Washington Presses Israel to Undertake Limited Operation to Target Remaining Hamas Leaders

As discussions continue between Israel and Hamas regarding prisoners, the US State Department, through spokesperson Matthew Miller, highlighted the ongoing potential for negotiations. However, under significant pressure for a ceasefire, US-Israeli talks have pivoted towards minimizing civilian harm during a potential Israeli military operation in Rafah, should diplomatic efforts fail post-Ramadan. This strategic shift signals Washington’s conditional support for a targeted approach to dismantle Hamas’s stronghold in Rafah.

In Reversal, Netanyahu Will Send Senior Delegation to Washington for Rafah Discussion

Israel has requested a new meeting date with the White House to discuss its military plans in Rafah following a sudden cancellation by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The cancellation came after the U.S. abstained from vetoing a UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, marking a strain in relations with President Joe Biden. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant held extensive talks in the U.S. to ease tensions. The U.S. wants the upcoming discussions to focus on avoiding a ground assault in Rafah, where over a million displaced Palestinians have sought refuge.

Hamas Sticks to Demands, Refuses to Release Hostages

Hamas says it will refuse to release Israeli captives until its demands are met, including halting aggression, withdrawing Israeli forces from Gaza, and allowing the return of displaced persons. In response, Israel accuses Hamas of presenting unrealistic demands and vows to continue its efforts to achieve its objectives, which include the release of all captives and the dismantling of Hamas’ military capabilities. The Israeli War Council will discuss Hamas’ rejection of a U.S.-proposed settlement and the future of negotiations.

Smotrich Booed Off Stage by Protestors in Eilat

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and Transportation Minister Miri Regev faced vocal protests at a real estate conference in Eilat, leading to both ministers exiting the stage prematurely. Smotrich was confronted over military service issues, while Regev rebuked the protestors, emphasizing unity against Hamas. The incident reflects deep societal divisions over some of the government’s controversial policies.

Over 130 UK Parliamentarians Call for Halt on Arms Sales to Israel

More than 130 British MPs and Lords have signed a letter urging the government to stop arms sales to Israel as international criticism grows over Israeli actions in Gaza. The campaign, led by Labour MP Zarah Sultana, highlights concerns over the use of UK-made weapons in the conflict and cites a UN inquiry suggesting UK components in Israeli military equipment. Past UK responses to Gaza escalations included arms sale halts, a measure not yet taken in the current situation.

Gaza, Biden and an American Intifada

As Israel’s devastating Gaza invasion wears on, tensions between President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are spiking, endangering the “special relationship” and promising political turmoil in both countries. Almost six months on, the conflict is now threatening to claim some unexpected casualties, such as the US-Israel relationship, whatever sympathy Israel enjoys in the international community, and just possibly Biden’s re-election. American voters—especially those who are young, and Democratic—are rising up in rebellion.

Biden’s Administration Retreat and One-on One Diplomacy Limitations with Israel


The US just stood up to Israel at the United Nations. But Biden isn’t doing enough 

In reversal, Netanyahu sending delegation to White House for Rafah talks

Israeli defense minister Yoav Gallant emphasizes importance of US-Israel ties as Netanyahu criticizes Biden administration
Democratic Insider Rips ‘Shocking’ US Claim That Israel Is Following International Law

“There is no time to spare in pulling back from this outrageous assertion by the State Department,” said Center for American Progress president Patrick Gaspard.

Discussion on Impact of Israel-Hamas War |


Middle East analysts discussed the latest on the impact of the Israel-Hamas war. Topics included the Biden administration’s handling of the war

Americans’ patience with Israel appears to wear thin – The Washington Post

On top of previous polls showing increasing criticism of Israel, these surveys confirm the difficult political outlook for U.S.-Israeli relations and …

State department official’s resignation highlights rifts over US Gaza policy – The Guardian

Bernie Sanders: Too Few Democrats Call for Conditioning Israel Aid Because of AIPAC, Biden

The Vermont Senator Said That While ‘More and More’ Democratic Lawmakers Join Calls to Condition U.S. Aid to Israel Due to Its Conduct in Gaza, …

US overlooks Israeli abuses in Gaza to justify arms transfers: Advocates – Al JazeeraAl JazeeraUS signals it accepts Israel’s assurances that Israeli forces have not violated international humanitarian law in Gaza.

The lonely Democrats opposing Biden’s U.N. vote abstention – Jewish InsiderJewish InsiderSen. John Fetterman (D-PA) and Reps. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ), Tom Suozzi (D-NY) and Brad Sherman (D-CA) are among the only Democrats publicly …

Trump seeks to capitalize on Biden’s frustration with Israel’s Netanyahu – Wisconsin Public Radio

Former President Donald Trump sent shockwaves through the Jewish American community and Washington when he said Jews who vote Democrat “hate .

How Biden Boxed Himself In on Gaza – The American Prospect

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a knack for making world leaders do the jobs of their subordinates. President Joe Biden had to call …

The limits of Biden’s one-on-one diplomacy with Netanyahu – POLITICO

In multiple calls and meetings since Oct. 7, the Netanyahu government told their American counterparts they would open humanitarian aid routes …

Genocide as a Strategy for Success

When will Israel’s genocide end, and what will the result look like? First, the Palestinian population in Gaza will have fallen by at least 2 million – as close as possible to zero, the result of both murder and expulsion, as noted earlier. The orphaned children will be far fewer than the dead ones, but those who survive will be shipped to western countries for adoption, so that they will lose their names and their cultural heritage. But I’m sure they will have loving parents and become well-adjusted western citizens.

As for Israel, it is losing – and will continue to lose – its liberal population. 

This, of course, means that Israel will be far more isolated than previously, both from the Jewish diaspora and from the non-Jewish communities that previously supported Israel. 

I have no doubt that Gaza will be annexed to Israel, and I imagine that developers will create Zionist dream communities along the coast, on top of the graves and rubble of their victims. But there might be fewer new immigrants than they might have hoped for. Israel’s future, if it has one, will be as a violent fortress for Zionist exclusivism, supported by a slowly shrinking world Zionist network and their allies, using the resources of other countries in much the same way that Israel is using the United States today, and enriching those individuals and interests that cooperate with them. Read the full text here

Israel and the Challenges of the International Arena: The Next Event

Overall, Israeli reports on the latest developments in the United States note the following:

First, although most American media still avoids accusing Israel of causing the general cause of crisis and war, and does not deny Israel’s “right to defend itself,” there is a heated debate in the pillars of opinion about the proportionality of the continuation of the military campaign in its current form, and about its ethics.

Second, the critical voices that were scissored in the past now have a broader platform, and many reports are focussed on the sheer scale of human damage and harm they cause to innocent people, which many analysts assert is unjustified, and inconsistent with global ethical values. Opinion columnists known for their previous support for Israel have also begun to acknowledge that dangerous images seen from the Strip about the conduct of military actions are beginning to undermine the “legality of war.”

Third, against the backdrop of all of the above, a clear discourse began to grow among liberal writers in the United States. The authors of this discourse believe that the Biden administration, through its policy of supplying Israel with military aid and diplomatic umbrella, is indirectly responsible for the situation, or at least describe this administration as capable of ending the war.

Perhaps the most important indication of this presentation is whether all the previous developments will be related to the next event of the developments of the Israeli war, especially in terms of ending them and stopping the suffering of the people in the Gaza Strip, which exceeded all perceptions.

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